"So, you want to start a wellness festival?"

That's how it happened. And we're so excited it did! Philly was primed for a festival that took a more holistic approach to wellness. So we brought in speakers from around the country, and 350 attendees made the dream a reality! Next city? LA! 



Every day - we try to be the best versions of ourselves. But, that doesn't mean we are doing everything perfectly. We don't wake up every day with yoga, meditation, green juice, a consult with our naturopath and a 4-course vegan dinner. Sometimes, we have to grab food on the go. Sometimes, we don't get to work out. Sometimes, we curse the traffic holding us back.

THAT'S OKAY. The GOOD Festival is all about the curiosity to figure out what works well for you. What makes you feel your best. And what can keep you motivated to take better care of yourself. 

.We hope, more than anything, that the festival positively impacts your life or inspires you in some way - and if nothing else, you have a killer day with your friends.


"The GOODfest team blew me (and everyone else there, ps) away with their thoughtfulness and attention to detail. They’d carefully curated the day to reflect their mission and their values, and it showed in not just every single speaker and sponsor, but in all 350+ people who chose to spend their day with us.

Deep conversations happened within a matter of seconds – real, no-bs, walls-down conversations – and each time a speaker walked onstage it was like they were being greeted by a room full of old pals."

- Katie Horwitch, PHL 2017 Speaker