GOOD Spotlight: Fueling What We Love

Simple fact: We LOVE what we do. Planning The Good Festival has been the best experience of our lives and we can not express enough how happy we are that it is finally here! However, our day to day leading up to the big day has been flooded with meetings, errands and running around the city in order to make The Good Festival the best it can possibly be! We wouldn't have it any other way. Now, we're only ONE day away. Wondering what a day in the life looks like preparing for this event?

Here's a glimpse into our not-so-typical, it's 1 day 'till GOOD FEST, day:


Morning routines are the. best. We try to stick to one, even on super hectic weeks like this week because we know it will allow us to be our most present, productive and excited!

"I wake up super early to get my workout in - it just puts me in a good mood, and I love feeling accomplished before 7am.  I make sure to sign up for early morning classes in advance, so there's no chance of me hitting snooze." - Jen

"I enjoy my warm lemon water and time with my daughter, Carmen. I can't always work out or make a huge breakfast. Sometimes it's just time playing and reading with her and some almond butter and apple- and I'm happy with that!" - Jess

"I love drinking my green smoothies. It's what sets the tone for my day! I also drink a ton of water, because especially this week Ive been so on the go rather than working from home. I've been telling myself to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!" - Kate

10 AM: Head to the Venue!

There's SO much to do the day before this event. Loading in vendors, stuffing swag bags, and making sure all the floral, decor, and generally making sure everything is PERFECT for the big day.

We're feeling so grateful for our volunteers help us along the way. Our team ROCKS and allows us to make what we love, a reality.

1 PM : Hungry. Feed Us.

Boxes are organized, yoga mats are unpacked, and we are HUNGRY AF. Like, actually, Jen can't stop saying how hungry she is. No time for a long lunch though, cause we're hopping in a cab to rush to our speaker hotel to sort out last minute details.

Liquid meals seem to be key for us lately (I know - we should be sitting down and enjoying our lunch, but theres just SO MUCH TO DO) - so we're thrilled to have packed a couple bottles of FAWEN drinkable soup to down in the car. These things are AWESOME. They are packaged like a juice so they are super convenient and portable, but they are savory and thick, so it really feels like you're eating. Also, their tagline is FUEL THE THINGS YOU LOVE. I mean come on - perfection. Confused about cold, drinkable soup? Don't worry - you'll get to taste them at FEST and we promise you'll fall in love!

3pm: Crunch Time

We've jetted all over town finishing up our weekend set up, and now its back to our respective "offices" (park, coffee shop, kitchen table - you can find us pretty much everywhere in Philly) to iron out some last minute details on Saturday's big launch news. EEK!! That's all we're saying - for now!

7pm: Dinner

Rewarding ourselves for the long day and the long weekend ahead - we head to one of our favorite Philly vegan restaurants, Charlie Was a Sinner. We binge on tofu ricotta and caesar salads (YUM) and cap off the night with some green juice mocktails (can't risk a hangover with our super early wake up call tomorrow).

10 PM: SLEEP - Gotta catch them zzz's for the big day

We're hoping to get to bed early tonight, because tomorrow is FULL of GOOD-ness. We can hardly wait. Sometimes falling asleep is tough -

"I rub magnesium on the bottom of my feet! Sounds nuts, but I love it!" - Jess

"I love meditating in the evening! Sometimes it's just a few deep breathes on the edge of my bed before sleep, but it works wonders. Also, leave your phone on the other side of the bedroom, no temptations." - Kate

"Lavender oil in my diffuser (calms me down) and ALL of the pillows."  - Jen


We love what we do. Damn, we're so blessed to be able to say that - and MEAN it, everyday.


GOOD Spotlight: Katie Horwitch

Katie Horwitch is a writer, speaker, artist, activist, and founder of WANT: Women Against Negative Talk. Katie uses her voice to empower women to be confident, positive, and fearless. In her own words, Katie is a "goddess unchained" and she has no shortage of powerful things to say. We can't wait to have Katie speak at the GOOD Fest - we know you'll all be leaving feeling SERIOUSLY inspired. 

"Because when you're a powerful woman, you're a goddess unchained. And everyone will have something to say." -Katie Horwitch

Name: Katie Horwitch

Current City: New York City, NY

Favorite work out: Can I have a three-way tie? Running, indoor cycling (both taking and teaching it!), and yoga. Depends on the day. And the music.

Thing you love most about working in wellness: It's not just meeting new people - what I love most about working in wellness is the willingness people have to "go there." Whether it's in a sweaty workout or a deep conversation over dinner, the people I choose to spend time with (and have been fortunate enough to attract - or maybe they're attracting me? who knows!) are putting in the work every single day to be the person they know they're meant to be. There's a lot of trust and respect in the wellness industry that you just don't see enough of out in everyday life. Of course, sometimes people will use trust and respect to manipulate or for personal gain (it's very important to recognize that there is bs and a "dark side" to the wellness industry as well), but what I LOVE about wellness most is that people interested in wellness are also interested in living into their fullest selves - not hiding from it.

What you ate for breakfast this morning: Green smoothie (I know, so typical) with frozen spinach, frozen cauliflower (don't knock it), frozen peaches, matcha powder, vanilla protein powder, a scoop of collagen powder, stevia, and a sprinkle of pink sea salt. Sometimes I add colostrum powder into my smoothies if I have it on hand - it's AMAZING for the gut and immunity, but not a typical smoothie add-in, ya know? I remember I was asked this question once by a big-wig in the wellness world and she totally shamed me for it! I was like, Dude. If there is ONE place my wellness game is strong, it's my smoothies. Don't shade the colostrum.

Wellness trend you can't stand: Elitism. Health-shaming. Spiritual bypass. I don't know if these things are "trends" per se but they make my skin crawl.

Go-to item in your closet: Currently all my variations of Lou + Grey turtlenecks. I think I OD'd on Lou + Grey turtlenecks this winter. Whoops. I also have a thing for dark distressed denim. No matter the season.

"Cheat" Food you'd never give up: KETTLE CORN is what some would call a cheat food I guess, but I also believe there is no such things as a cheat food. Eat what makes you feel good, and if it doesn't physically make you feel good but emotionally makes you feel good (because let's face it, food is emotional), then just make a conscious choice to not beat yourself up over the physical feeling later. (Oh! I can't stand black-and-white food mentality. Is that a wellness trend? Please let it be. So it can be over.)

What inspired you create WANT: 1) My own personal experience with negative self-talk. I didn't even realize I HAD negative self-talk until my early 20s. It was so engrained in my and so my norm, it wasn't even registering. 2) The women in my life - family and friends - who bonded over negativity therefore reinforcing the loop of self-loathing, and 3) The initial Dove "Real Bodies" campaign in 2007. I remember seeing it, thinking it was revolutionary for an ad to be telling us to "love ourselves," and then thinking: but where are the steps to get me there, and the community/role models to help me do it?

Advice you'd love to give your younger self (or the young girls growing up today): Just keep going. So many parts of who I was growing up, or the dreams I had, or even the goals I had not too long ago...I was always three steps ahead of where everyone else around me was. I remember being in a musical theatre intensive during college where I was typecast as the Ingenue - which is usually the young, pretty, wide-eyed, somewhat naive or idealistic character in the musical. Think Maria in West Side Story, Cinderella, or Sandy in Grease. I looked like an ingenue and was able to sing like an ingenue, so that was where people put me. But in reality, I had this big, bold voice and personality that I felt was the true "me." The disconnect I felt was huge. One of the guest professors caught me as I was walking out of the room one day and told me "You know you're not an ingenue, right?" I was stunned. "You're a Leading Lady. But it's going to be harder for you, because it might take a while for you to grow into your type." I carry his words with me EVERY day. Often times I would feel discouraged because I felt like the world wasn't on board with who I was in my head and heart. I hated that it seemed like my worth was tied to things that didn't resonate with me - and were out of my control. But now I know that I just needed time to learn the lessons I needed to learn, so that those lessons could support me through my journey and add depth to my character. For so long I felt I needed to be complacent being the ingenue onstage and off. But now, I know that I can be the Leading Lady in my own life no matter what the world sees at the moment. The world will catch up. The only person I can control is myself, and the person I know I am in my core. I'm growing into my type, and my journey is better off for it.

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6 Tips For Turning Any Vacay Into A Wellness Retreat

Gabrielle Kassel is a New York based writer who has a deep affinity for weight-lifting, living mindfully, and the em-dash. She has been published at Women’s Health Magazine where she worked on the online editorial team, Feather Magazine where she was a contributing health writer, and ICE NYC where she works as the social media editor. In her free time she can be found reading self-help books, making soup, and practicing hygge.

Pack your favorite workout leggings, grab a bottle of Rebbl, and spritz yourself with some refresher mist because it's time for vacation! With only 4 days until GOOD Fest, we are ready to embrace the good life with a weekend of wellness and fun. When we planned GOOD Fest we wanted every aspect of the day to support our missions of creating a space for the modern woman to build on her wellness in a community, which is why the GOOD Fest Speakers will be staying at Hotel Monaco -the revolutionary Kimpton Hotel in downtown Philly. With amenities like Kimpton's custom designed PUBLIC bikes, which are perfect for a ride around town, a free yoga mat in every room, and Luxury Atelier Bloem bath amenities for bath time zen, Monaco is the perfect hotel for any wellness-junkie. Plus, in addition to a fully equipped onsite fitness center, Monaco offers a Monday evening yoga class, Mind, Body & Spirits taught by Three Queens Yoga for sweat-fenes who are motivated while working out with others that we can’t wait to try.

Feeling like you need to justify a weekend away? Don’t. A few days of wellness-focused activities actually benefit our health! According to a small study from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, a health and wellness vacation—i.e. a few days spent focusing on healthy food, exercise, and stress management—is the ticket straight for a clean healthy bill. In the study, people who experienced such a trip lost an average of 6.8 pounds, lowered their blood pressure by 7.7 percent, and saw a 5.2 percent decline in cholesterol levels and BMI.


Wellness retreats do what they say they do, and their IG’s make great procrastination tools during a long day at work… but whether it’s because all our friends are gettin’ hitched and all our vacay days are being put towards weddings or baby showers, or because they come with a not-so-lean price tag, wellness retreats aren’t always as affordable or doable.

Here are 6 tips for turning any vacay (or weekend away for GOOD Fest) into a ~magical~ wellness retreat. A.k.a following tips can calm your nerves, improve your diet, boost your energy, amp up your brainpower, and help you get your sweat-on, all sans a pricey trip to a wellness retreat.

1. Turn off Your Phone. Does “not working” to you mean answering 15 emails, taking a conference call, posting on IG 2-3 times a day, and staying on top of your IG and snapchat story? Studies show 77 percent of Americans work on vacation, and 40 percent of millennials work every day of their vacation. No wonder everyone is stressed, tired, and exhausted!. Even committing to only using our phones for “pleasure” isn’t enough to keep business out of our vacays. Research shows that every ding, ring, and bright light takes us out of the moment, and we are often left spending time explaining to coworkers and business partners that we are NOT working on vacation, but will get back to them as soon as we return. A vacation where you are constantly explaining that you are on vacation or defending your right to a work-free vacay is not only not relaxing, but it completely defeats the point. In order to really pull-off the tech-free retreat you need (sorry IG feed!) you may need to take some preparatory measures: set an away message on your email that automatically informs anyone trying to contact you when you will be back on-grid, make sure your office or partners know the current status of any you-led projects, and don’t hesitate to inform your friends and family about your digital-detox, the novelty of this idea in 2017 will certainly force others to think about their own tech habits (and addictions).

2. Make A Schedule Ahead of Time. Write or print out your daily schedule of practice and to-do and keep it in sight. Include yoga, meditation, walks, meals, rest, writing if you want, inspirational reading (hi Gabby Bernstein!), and/or listening. Make a schedule that feels doable, but when you’re on vacation be understanding if you don’t keep to it exactly. The purpose of the schedule is to help show you boats of time that are available for wellness activities. (This trick even works for business trips!).  

3. Prioritize Sleep! Finally on vacation! You’d think with all that rest and relaxation promised with a vacation you’d sleep like a baby, right? Not necessarily the case... whether it’s nerves, jet lag, just plain excitement, or trouble adjusting to a new sleep-setting, trouble falling asleep on vacation is a struggle that’s all too real. But sleep is the ultimate travel essential, especially when crossing time zones or trying new outdoor activities like biking, ziplining, or even just exploring by foot. Anything that helps you squeeze in extra minutes of Zzz’s is well worth its weight in your carry-on. Whether it’s your fave PJs, a lavender-scented sleep mask, melatonin, your favorite pillow or a childhood stuffed animal, keep them on hand to help drift off in peace.

4. Exercise. When we're traveling, despite our best intentions, sometimes our lofty fitness goals fall off the to-do list (even when we make and print a schedule ahead of time). For the days when hitting up the “foreign” hotel-gym sounds unappealing, and Siri isn’t telling us which local barre class is best, we recommend working out right in your hotel room (even better, if you're vacationing in a warm-weather destination, do it on the balcony!). Packing some lightweight, carry-on workout gear can help us stick with our regular routine right in the hotel, without taking up precious luggage space.

Obviously you can skip the dumbbells and kettlebells, but there's plenty of light equipment you can bring with you. Think about packing a jump rope, resistance band, water bottle, and TRX band. Jump ropes burn a ton of calories per minute, water bottles make decent hand weights (with different weight depending on how much water is in it), and resistance bands/TRX bands are incredibly versatile tools for a full-body or targeted workout.  

Don’t be afraid of giving your body a break from the gym and the workout routines you’ve become accustomed to. Try varying it up with equipment free workouts in your room, or replacing your usual with a workout unique to the area (Are there mountains? Hike! Is there an ocean? Take a surfing lesson! Are there wide bike lanes on the road? Rent a bike or see if your hotel offers them for free!).

5. Snack Smart. Traveling almost always means eating on the road or in the air. But that doesn't  have to mean making nutritional sacrifices if we plan ahead. When we travel we should aim to eat roughly the same amount and same kinds of foods that we eat at home, which means bringing your go-to snacks with you on vacation (or stopping at a nearby grocery store when you arrive). If you need some snacking inspiration try: a baggie of unsweetened cereal, fresh (or dried) fruit, a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole grain bread, or baby carrots. If you pack snacks you’ll be able to avoid snacking on things that don’t make your body feel good (like sodium-packed foods with artificial flavoring) and hanger (which your vacay-pals will thank you for).

6. Activate Your Sense of Smell. Ever notice how a whiff of something can instantly transport you back in time (for example, baking cookies with Grandma? Macking with your high school boyfriend in his dad's Honda? Walking on the beach with your bff, both of your lathered in coconut oil and sun-in? Smells can activate the brain's memory center; they're also powerful enough to change your mindset and help ease pain! Research published in the journal Flavour found the scent of citrus can erase a cranky mood. Surround yourself with aromas you love with essential oils, candles, or mists. And if citrus is your jam, add a lemon or orange peel to your water so that every time you hydrate the smell reinvigorates your mind.


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