The Anti-Resolution Solution : Trying vs Allowing


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I'm Trista,  a 20-something writer,  wellness enthusiast, and peanut butter addict. Through my blog BloodSugar, Sweat & Tears I share my experience as a Type 1 diabetic and the life lessons I learns from managing a chronic illness everyday. I love hiking in my native Vermont, reading, and connecting with others in the wellness world. 


The new year is all about setting goals. We push ourselves to develop new habits and drop the old, and we put in a ton of effort to be a new and improved version of ourselves. We pledge to cut out refined sugars or start a new workout plan, but these pledges rarely stick. So if there is one change you decide to make in light of the New Year, here’s what I recommend: pledge to shift your mentality from trying to allowing.

Take a moment to think about all of the ways our bodies monitor themselves without any thought from us. We breathe, sweat, and digest without telling our body what to do. What if we trust our bodies to know what to eat and how to move for the best results? You might be surprised at what happens if you stop trying to eat “healthy” or get “fit.” Your body will crave vegetables and movement all on its own.


The act of trying to create a certain outcome is derived from the energy of fear, while the essence of allowing is pure acceptance of what is. Setting goals can be a great way to make accomplishments, unless fear begins to take over. Most of us have been taught that we have to try really hard to get what we want, but forcing change can lead to frustration and self-destruction. For example - you set a goal to run a race this year. But… you begin to feel afraid of what will happen if you don’t get to the gym every single day. You aim to eat more vegetables. But… you start to worry and obsess over ingredients and portions. If you hear phrases like “I should _____” or “I have to _____” echoing throughout your head, stop and ask yourself, “What am I fearing that is causing me to try to control my actions? How can I accept myself as I am right at this moment?”


Addressing yourself in this way will feel strange at first. You might feel like you are slacking off if you take a rest day or eat a brownie, but the truth is quite contrary. Tuning in to your inner wisdom is the hardest work of all in an era where the opportunity to tune out is constantly there. Rather than manipulating our existence to achieve a desired end, let’s truly allow ourselves to just BE as the means to our goals. I promise - this approach will make 2017 a very fulfilling year.

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