Your Checklist for Sustainable Change

Monica Kade is the founder of The Moment HQ, a platform supporting people to be their best in each moment through conscious lifestyle choices. You can contact her with any questions: mk [at] and visit

For many, the desire to “get fit”, “get healthy” or change eating habits starts with wanting to change the body.

You hear phrases like, “I’m so fat”, “I need to lose weight”, “I look ugly”, and once you’re having those types of conversation in your head, you’ve awakened The Voice. You know who The Voice is. It’s the part of you that is never satisfied and always seeking to fix, change and improve who you are based on your external circumstances.

Now, once you’re in the clutches of this very seductive whisperer, the conversation tends to spiral out of control. I look fat, turns into I’m not worthy, I am not enough, not loveable; I’ll never get the job…because I’m too fat (or skinny) - which of course, may or may not be true. It’s your perception and judgement of yourself. Anything causing you to not be at peace is the story you’ve got on repeat in your head. You are the reason for any angst in your body (and it could be poor food choices, which can cause depression, anxiety and other mood issues), but don’t blame it on the food - yet!

This is not the first article ever written reminding you that your thoughts and state of being impact your outlook (and your body). However, what you may not be aware of is that to make any change to your body, you MUST be at peace with yourself.

Amongst the dissatisfaction, the frustration, the hopelessness of having “tried everything” and not to mention the overwhelm of resources and people telling you, what you need to eat and do; you must still find that peace.

So how do we begin? Glad you asked.

Here’s a quick checklist for you.

Get Present. Sit down. Focus on your breath or meditate for 5minutes. Clock your time.Feel the sensations within your feet or hands. The inner field of your body.

Become aware of how you currently FEEL about your body, who you’re being and your nutrition, lifestyle and exercise choices. Be honest. Write it down.

How would you like to feel? Write this down. E.g. full of energy, sleeping well, moving my body more, inspired. You won’t connect to ‘lose 5kg/lbs’. You’ll connect to feeling alive, energetic and fit.

Take responsibility and ownership of where you are now. In this moment. Today. Accept that this is where you are and realize you’re ready to make a change.

Ask yourself, what’s the first step that is right for ME to take next? If the answer doesn’t come right away, let it simmer on a notepad for a day or two until it does. Once you’ve struck gold, take action on the first thing you are committing to action.

Pick one thing and stick to it for 30 days - NON-NEGOTIABLE. If your food choices are blah and you’re not physically fit, then start small. Don’t go gangbusters and enroll yourself into 7 days of hectic cardio (unless you LOVE it) and don’t go on a diet. Clean eating is the game, and there are many resources out there to help.

Make conscious choices based on what you love. Only do exercise that you love. Only commit to training 3 days if that inspires you. You can always go up. If it’s only 1 day a week right now, then so be it. Sustainable change is moment-by-moment. It’s not a race.

Observe the changes. Note how you feel when you eat. Observe where your attention is when you eat, what are you thinking about? What comments are you making about your food? When you train, how do you feel? Pretend you’re a scientist, monitoring the science experiment (you). You have to find what’s right for you and you’ll only do this through giving things a go and observing how you feel. Reiterate as needed.