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Jess Baumgardner, Co-Founder

Health Coach//

My goal in life is to make the world a healthier place, starting with my home (Philly, haay.) And by healthy, I mean that still includes fun, and wine, and sometimes (good) coffee, and girl talk, and nights out to dinner, and of course GOOD FOOD.

I completed my post-grad training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Matthew Kenney Culinary, and a women's hormone apprenticeship with the amazing Nicole Jardim.

IG || @healthcoachphilly


Kate Van Horn, Co-Founder

Blogger //

My goal? Inspire women to stop hating stuff about themselves, and start celebrating themselves. I want you to feel balanced & stay real. So no diets, no labels, no BS. Just GOOD FOOD for GOOD MOODS. 

Currently completing my plant based chef certification with Rouxbe Cooking School. I blog about the things that led me to feel GOOD, like meditation, self care & of course, whole foods. 

IG || @she_be_kale_in_it



Jen Clark

strategic advisor

IG || @wholephl

Brea Mealey

PR/Social Media Strategy

IG || @seizesocial

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Sienna McGinnis

festival coordinator

IG || @siennahelena_

Renee Patrone

Event planner

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