At [GOOD], we believe that living well doesn’t have to be about sacrifice and denial. Forget the labels, the workout routines that you dread, and fad diets. We’re shifting the conversation, and we are here to prove that wellness is not one size fits all. It is about going beyond the phyiscal - finding balance, finding yourself, and learning to relax into shameless enjoyment. [GOOD] creates real, welcoming experiences that expand the definition of wellness.

[GOOD] provides a comfortable environment to unite, learn from each other, and thrive. Speaking on everything from astrology to sustainability, anxiety to orgasms - we create events where hugs between strangers are encouraged; where tacos are as welcome as kale. Our goal? To refresh, challenge, and inspire you to create positive change within yourself and for the world. Join us.


Kate Van Horn

Currently loving: CRYSTALS, herbal iced teas, tarot readings, and Adidas shoes/ tops...lots of Adidas.

I used to work in marketing, social media marketing specifically. Loved the social media, hated the office vibe. So, I pursued my blog as a side hustle until I made it my full-time career (along with other amazing projects like The GOOD Fest). I'm a RYT500 as well, passionate about promoting body positivity, radical self love, and connecting with women in this beautiful community. @kate.van.horn


Jess Baumgardner

Currently loving: Baked goods. Cold brew and people watching from the coffee shop. And my little minis, Carmen and PJ.

Have always been an entrepreneur (from selling rocks on the side of the road, to making a haunted house in the woods, to inventing changeable slip on headband covers) I worked in marketing for 10 years before finally deciding to go out on my own. I went to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition coaching and am also certified in Plant-Based Cooking and Culinary Nutrition via Matthew Kenney. @jessbaumgardner


Jennifer Levy

Currently loving: chasing sunsets, infrared saunas,

I spent years in the restaurant industry - and I loved it. Connecting to customers, developing recipes, and COOKING - what’s not to love? But suddenly, I craved something that was my own - something GOOD. My mission is to share my (ongoing) wellness journey with the world and inspire others to live the best version of their life. Certified in Plant-Based Culinary Nutrition + certified intuitive healer and RYT200.