6 Health Benefits of Being Around Flowers, Plus the Origin Story of Love N' Fresh Flowers

We couldn’t have pulled off GOOD Fest without the help of all of our incredible sponsors like Love ‘n Fresh Flowers. 

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers is a sustainably-managed, urban flower farm (yes, you read that right... a farm. of flowers. in the city!) and full service event design studio located in the historical Andorra/Upper Roxborough section of Philadelphia, with a private design studio is nearby on Ardleigh Street in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood. Trained horticulturist and floral designer, Jennie Love is the passionate, quirky and creative force behind Love n’ Fresh Flowers. Since the business first began in 2009, Love ‘n Fresh has been dedicated to working with locally grown flowers, foliage, grasses, seed pods, fruits and even vegetables (because let’s be honest, artichokes are f-ing beautiful) to create earthy elegant floral art that is in-line with a client's vision.

Love n’ Fresh focuses on weddings and other special events, offering everything from eye-catching elegant bridal bouquets and matching bespoke boutonnieres to unique nature-inspired ceremony and reception decor, which is why the farm has caught the eye to of publications such as Country Gardens and Martha Stewart Weddings. Love n’ Fresh is the perfect florists for brides-to-be looking for center-pieces that are jaw-droppingly beautiful. The flower farm was even named a Top Floral Designer in the Nationby Martha Stewart Weddings.

Be it a large wedding or simple bouquet sold at the local co-op store, Love ‘n Fresh manages the whole creative process from seed to centerpiece. The results tell a story that is distinctive, fresh, personal, and tangible.

Beyond making beautiful wedding table decorations, flowers and gardens are beneficial to our minds, moods, and communities. Below, we share 6 ways the presence of flowers improve our days and boost our livelihood.  


Living in suburbia? Open the back door and step onto your patio into a sanctuary of trees, vines, mulch, and in-bloom beauties. A recent University of Michigan study showed that being outside in a natural environment can improve memory performance and attention span by twenty percent.

But it’s not always possible to be outside, especially for us city-babes in the winter months, so bringing natural elements indoors is the perfect substitute. Adding natural elements to the home and the workplace stimulate both our senses and our minds, improving mental cognition and performance.

Studies show that tasks performed while under the “calming influence” of nature and floral decor are performed better and with greater accuracy, yielding a higher quality result than those performed in stark environments (like an all-white-everything office, per say). Whether it’s a collection of succulents on the windowsill or the smell of fresh flowers wafting from an office common-space to our personal desks, the presence of natural elements is a great addition to any working space.


 We all know from personal experience that having flowers around the home and office greatly improve our moods, increase levels of positivity, and help us feel relaxed (like sex, eh?). Turns out this is not just wishful thinking or our perception, a recent Harvard University study showed that the presence of flowers actually reduces the likelihood of stress-related depression and help people feel secure and relaxed. How is that possible? The a natural aesthetic is soothing to us because it implicitly makes us feel connected to something larger, something worldly,  and thus helps us achieve a more optimistic outlook on life, bringing us both pleasing visual stimulation and increasing our happiness levels kumbaya-style.


The presence of plants in hospital recovery rooms or a view an  aesthetically-pleasing garden through the window has been shown to help patients to heal faster, due to the soothing effects of ornamental horticulture. Flowers and shrubs have a practical application in hospital rooms, and aren’t just symbols of an awkward attempt to say “Get well soon!” from afar. Rather, the presence of these plants literally speeds up recovery time, which is why horticulture therapy- where patients grow, care for, and nurture plants themselves- has grown popularity.


Why save flowers for hospital rooms and Valentine's Day when research shows that people who spend extended lengths of time around plants tend to have better relationships with others due to an increase in compassion. Studies have shown that people who spend more time around plants are much more likely to try and help others, and often have more advanced social relationships. People who care for nature are more likely to care for others, reaching out to their peers and forming shared bonds resulting from their common interests.

Been wondering what it means when bae picks you up flowers or gets a set delivered to your office? Perhaps bae is helping you cultivate compassion… or maybe it just reminding you that you are loved.  


“I love my life!”, says the person surrounded up plants and flowers. Seriously! A study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that the closer a person lived to an area that had lots of foliage the more positive they felt about their lives. Livable outdoor spaces such as parks, and gardens increase outdoor activity such as outdoor yoga, park runs, or reservoir walks and community engagement such as community-gardening or outdoor picnics, both of which improve livelihood. Additionally, exposure to sunlight is crucial for  for keeping your body rhythms in sync and regulating sleep, metabolism and mood.


The next time brain fog hits, instead of heading straight for a third or fourth cup of coffee, head to your nearest park or take a quick outdoor walk, instead. Being in a green and flowery space may help combat brain fatigue and tiredness, according to new findings published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Why might “green space” have this kind of restorative effect? Nature provides the perfect balance of being interesting enough to hold your attention—but not so over stimulating that it prevents you from engaging in reflective and productive thought. Green spaces are the perfect locations for our fogged up brains to restart, and what’s better, sitting or walking through green spaces don’t cost four bucks a cup.

Research has also shown that simply LOOKING at photographs of flowers and nature can improve our moods. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Love N’ Fresh Flowers Instagram @lovenfreshflowers to get happier, instantly.

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