B+YND Spotlight: Meet Brea

Spotlight Series: Follow along to get to know the ladies behind B+YND and get a behind the scenes look at this whirlwind planning process that we love so much.

Hometown: Meadowbrook, PA

Current City: Same same :)

Wellness Background: To me, wellness is a lifestyle, a mindset…one that really took off when I began to experiment with different fitness practices, nutritious foods, and discovered the power of the mind / body / spirit connection. #alwayslearning
It’s funny, my business (more below) has naturally evolved to specialize in wellness brands…it’s where my passions and relationships have led...thus far!

How I got HERE: After working in PR, Events + Social Media for a few years, I left to launch a social media company, SEIZE.

I was connected with Jess (in life outside of Instagram), who later introduced me to Kate…they gave me the lowdown on The GOOD Fest, and I could not even contain my excitement. They were so wonderful to invite me to join the GOOD team as their Social Media Strategist.

Wellness product I can't live without: P50 from Rescue Spa – an amazing toner that balances your skin’s complexion and exfoliates simultaneously. It’s like hitting the refresh button on your skin AM and PM.

Favorite healthy splurge: Like Kate, healthy foods! Organic produce, fruit, fish, meat, juices, powders, and salads on salads from Sweetgreen and Whole Foods.

Where you'll find me working out: The Bar Method Princeton! The intensity of this workout is unmatched. Equally as important, the studio is the most positive, inspiring environment I have ever experienced…Hence why I drive one hour (each way!) to this studio 2-3x a week. The best.

Last book I read: Rules of Civility, but my all-time favorite is Diane Von Furstenberg’s autobiography, The Woman I Wanted to Be.
“The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.” – DVF

"Cheat" food I would never give up: Peanut butter chocolate chip sea salt cookies – doughy, sweet, and perfectly moist. They’re also flourless and butter-less, so emphasis on the quotes around “cheat” :) Recipe can be found on the blog, Peanut Butter Runner.

Favorite item in my closet: My gold signet pinky ring.

Advice I'd give my younger self: Being different is cool. (To use the most basic of terms.)

In high school, when people are drinking on a Friday night and you’re on a mission to discover the best dessert in town, do it. (It was a toss up between Redstone’s warm chocolate chip cookie skillet + The Cheesecake Factory’s triple layer chocolate cake. So yum and so indulgent.)

In college, when people want to grab a slice of pizza from the dining hall for lunch, and you want to BYO turkey, avocado and arugula sandwich, do it.

In your 20s, when people stay out until 2am and you want to get sleep before your 8am barre class, do it.

If it’s what makes you happy, do it!

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