B+YND Spotlight: Meet Kate

Spotlight Series: follow along to get to know the ladies behind The GOOD Fest and a behind the scenes look at this whirlwind planning process that we love so much.

Hometown: Haddonfield, NJ

Current City: Pretty much still Haddonfield, NJ. Philly someday, although I don’t mind a little suburban life (and my 20 minute commute to Philly!)

Wellness Background: Former social media marketer, turned full-time wellness blogger and recipe developer. Some people tell me I’m #alwaysonmyphone or in search of natural light. I’m also a Yogi who plans to teach someday, and I’m currently pursuing a plant-based chef certification through Rouxbe Cooking School.

How I got HERE:

I started an Instagram account and thought, “Hmm, sharing my food pics is kind of fun!”. I kept at it, eventually building an audience and brand through my blog, Kaleinit.com. Next thing I knew, I was creating my first baby business. But I still craved, more. I wanted to make more impact in my local community and get face to face with the women (+ men!)  I was reaching.

Fast forward and I met Jess (on Instagram, go figure) and reached out to her because I thought what she was up to as a health coach in the local community was totally badass.

We stayed in touch, saw each other around, and finally met for coffee over the summer to discuss a little “collab”. Jess led our coffee date with “Let’s start a wellness festival”, and I was down. We got right to work. We certainly weren’t afraid to hustle.

Turns out, it was A LOT of work. Enter Jen. Jen joined Team GOOD and now we all work as a team. It’s pretty freakin awesome to see all of us utilize our strengths to make this festival come to life (ex: Jess is always positive and optimistic and Jen can handle logistics like no other). Now I feel so lucky to say my co-workers are my friends, and women who support me not only in our professional careers, but in our wellness journeys as well.

Wellness products(s) I can't live without: My essential oil diffuser, my mala beads, and my salt lamp to sleep. How crunchy granola of me….

Favorite healthy splurge: FOOD! I panic over the thought of spending 30 dollars on a shirt but don’t blink an eye over a 10 dollar green juice (chased by a 5 dollar turmeric shot).

Where you'll find me working out: I LOVE yoga. Like, a 90 minute class flies by because I’m totally in my zone. I love all styles, although lately I’ve been beating the winter chill with hot yoga. Gotta switch it up!

Last book I read: You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

"Cheat" food I would never give up: Jen and I are the same on this one. Tortilla chips and a good salsa verde is ALWAYS in my fridge. And avocados for alllll the guacamole. Anything topped with cilantro with a squeeze of lime is my kind of food.

Favorite item in my closet: Calvin Klein bras, you know the ones Kendall Jenner rocks? I broke up with underwire about a year ago and I’ve never been happier! I’m still not KJ, but that’s ok, at least I’m comfy!

Advice I'd give my younger self: Learn what it means to be mindful and present. Your relationships and work will thank you. Stay grateful and grounded. Oh, and stop over committing and stop saying yes to shit you don’t feel like doing.

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