B+YND Spotlight: Meet Sienna

Spotlight Series: Follow along to get to know the ladies behind B+YND and a behind the scenes look at this whirlwind planning process that we love so much.

Hometown: Chadds Ford, PA

Current City: Philly!

Wellness Background: I have an incredible passion for health and wellness thanks to my role model, Jess! I was always a very active person, I’ve played sports my whole life and love to workout for my mental and physical well-being. Once I got to college, I met Jess and was really intrigued by her lifestyle and coaching. Since then, I’ve really taken pride in eating clean, staying active and taking care of myself! Shout out to Jess for always being such an incredible person to look up to in the wellness community!

How I got HERE: I met Jess first (obviously) about 2 years ago and became her babysitter/social media intern last summer! I basically consider her family and she taught me so much about health and wellness last summer! After working for Health Coach Philly, I went back to school for the semester and upon hearing about the beginning of The GOOD Fest and The GOOD Society, I offered my help to Jess, Kate and Jen because of my passion for their mission and excitement for the upcoming festival!

So here I am, working with these wonderful women and I am grateful for this opportunity every day.

Wellness product I can't live without: My *giant* container of coconut oil, ginger tea, ACV and also my Frank & Whit skin care products. (Midtown Village scrub FTW)

Favorite healthy splurge: Spicy Sabzi Salad from Sweetgreen, HealthAde Kombucha or Lean Green Hot Cakes from Front Street Cafe.

Where you'll find me working out: I currently attend Temple University and go to the gym here! Fun fact though, I am training for the Broad Street Run and am now getting outside to run 3 days a week, or more if the weather allows.

Last book I read: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** by Mark Manson. Lauryn Evarts of the Skinny Confidential put this up on her TSC Book Club and I bought it for a friend of mine for Christmas. Before gifting it of course I read the first few chapters and wow, the beginning of the book is dedicated to Bukowski and his way of thinking/living/writing. DEFINITELY recommend reading this, I’m about to buy it for myself to finish it.

"Cheat" food I would never give up: Honestly, I have a few. I love food, and believe that no one should restrict themselves of what they want to eat as long as everything is in moderation! My favorite cheats are French Toast with lots of whipped cream, dark chocolate, and ice cream (non-dairy Chunky Monkey from Ben & Jerry’s every time).

Favorite item in my closet: If you interact with me on a daily basis, you’d think that I didn’t own anything other than leggings, flannels, and sneaks. My favorite item is my white vans (thrifted for 10 dollars!!) paired with my roommates purple graphic socks because, why not?

Advice I'd give my younger self: Do what you love, and never stop showing those you love how much you appreciate them. I think this is the advice I take in every day. I am *technically* my younger self now (I’m only 21 years old), and with amazing people in my life it makes it easy to follow my heart.

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