Five Plants to Ease Your Stress

Tracie Kendziora is a holistic health coach focused on plant-based lifestyles. She is a wellness enthusiast drawn to alternative practices like Ayurveda, crystals, meditation, and yoga, and is passionate about green beauty and ethical fashion.

It’s February. The post-holiday glow has long worn off, and resolutions are starting to lose traction.

Maybe you resolved to meditate daily, practice deep breathing, or roll out your yoga mat on the reg. And you were rocking it. Until you returned to the office and work started to take priority over your health.

Now, your calendar is filled with deadlines and meetings rather than workouts and self-care. You know that slowing down and being present can help you manage your stress, but the thought of squeezing in one more task is daunting.

Here’s a secret: Eating whole foods can be one of the most important tools in your wellness arsenal. Chances are some of the stress-relief all-stars are in your fridge already—no trip to the grocery store required! How’s that for easy?


Avocado: Besides overflowing with essential nutrients like potassium, vitamin E, folate, and B vitamins, this creamy fruit keeps you full and keeps your blood sugar in check—two important factors in maintaining a balanced mood.

Banana: A favorite among the grab-and-go crowd, bananas are high in potassium, which is essential for keeping your blood pressure low. Bananas are also loaded with tryptophan (take that, turkey!) and phytochemicals that can send stress packing.

Lemon: Your body’s supply of Vitamin C quickly runs out when you’re feeling frazzled. Luckily, lemons are a highly absorbable source of the powerful antioxidant. And the scent can lift your mood and clear your mind, so inhale those good vibes while you’re squeezing some juice in to your water.

Orange: Another citrus fruit, oranges are also Vitamin C rock stars. They’re full of fiber, too, which can control your blood sugar. Plus, the repetitive motion of peeling the orange gives you a task to focus on, helping you slow down and calm down.

Sweet potato: Deliciously sweet and nutrient dense, these spuds contain carotenoids and fiber—both of which can keep you in a positive state of mind. Bonus: They’re low on the Glycemic Index so they won’t mess with your blood sugar.

Ready to say so long to stress? Start your day with a tall glass of lemon water, blend up some bananas and oranges for a soothing smoothie, and serve up some sweet potato topped with avocado for lunch.

Remember, we often stress ourselves out because of our perceptions, reactions, and thoughts, so smile, take a deep breath, and eat some fruits and veggies!

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