Getting Lit with Holistic Light Therapy...

Relax. We’re not over here in Philly smoking a J. We’re talking LED Light Therapy. The latest in Holistic Health Care. LED Light Therapy, is a unique therapy that harnesses the healing powers of infrared, red and blue light. It reduces inflammation, increases blood circulation, and reduces pain. Studies have shown that by increasing our blood circulation, it helps support our innate healing process, allowing our bodies to do what they are meant to- Self heal.                        


*Cell stimulation that leads to pain relief and tissue healing *Improved muscle performance and mental clarity *Decreased swelling from injuries

*Detoxifying effects

*Preventative by strengthening your body's defense against: infection, inflammation, and disease.   

This is an all natural, non-invasive, side-effect free therapy. Wanna know the best part?! It’s a FDA cleared, Class II Medical device to be used in the comfort of your own home! You don’t have to see a therapist or a Dr. to use it. You can binge watch netflix, listen to a podcast, or do absolutely nothing while reaping all its benefits.




Heather was our light guru and best buddy during this process. We would text, call, or Facetime her whenever we needed more details about the lights, correct placement, frequency, etc. She’s incredibly passionate, knowledgeable, and patient!

Follow Heather for more info on the lights (and her amazing life!) on Instagram, @holisticlighttherapy or her Website .

She will also be in the wellness marketplace to GOOD Fest LA! Available to answer any questions, and let some of our attendees experience the lights for themselves.





We each had the lights for 1 week, and passed them to the next lady when we were finished. Literally, sisterhood of the traveling lights.  We COMMITTED to using them (almost) daily, and here’s what happened...





How it felt: Amazing, and calming - to my surprise. The eye mask is obviously pretty bright. I mean… it’s covered in lights! But I worried they might be uncomfortable and that wasn’t the case at all. You just feel the warmth of the lights while wearing them.

The Process: Heather suggests pad placements to bring blood circulation to your areas of concern. To get the best results with the lights, she suggest working on your lymphatic system first, placing the pads on each of your major lymph node points, encouraging lymphatic drainage and a reduction in inflammation. That way when you work on your direct areas of concern, the lights will be more effective. The pads are placed on different areas of the body depending on what results you are looking for. For example: I wanted to restore blood flow to my digestive system, so I placed pads over my liver, digestive area, kidneys & adrenals, and eyes.

Verdict?? Loved them. Found them not only soothing, but effective. Really enjoyed the benefits to my anxiety (HUGE difference almost immediately), and my digestion was better during the week I used them. One morning I woke up with a very queasy belly, and took the time to work on my digestive system and my anxiety for an hour and the rest of the day felt noticeably better. Studies show that anxiety and gut issues are typically related, so it made sense to me that we worked on both equally. An added benefit of the lights was I took 1 full hour to myself a day to completely relish in #selfcare. Ahhhhhhhh….



What I was working on, health wise: Well, I got the lights one-week post-partum, so my story is a bit different! Originally I wanted the lights for general digestion, stress and anxiety but things changed when the baby arrived! Heather wanted to assist in post partum recovery and as luck would have it - I got a bad case of plugged ducts and mastitis from breast feeding right when the lights came in the mail. I’m not kidding when I tell you that the lights cleared up this mess in 2 days flat, with relief coming after just ONE session.

How the lights feel: Warm and cozy. I said “yeah, right- I will never find time for these!” Yet I found time almost every day because I loved that warm and cozy self-care time to myself. After each session - it felt like a post-acupuncture or massage high where I was super-relaxed and calm.

Verdict?? Love them. Just clearing up my mastitis was enough to make me a believer. It also helped with my tailbone pain and overall was amazing for stress relief. I also really love that Heather is SO knowledgeable and was available for questions throughout the process! She really wants for her clients to find success with this system and it’s wonderful to just pick her brain about all of the ways to use them. I can’t wait to try some of the other placements I didn’t have time for!






How they felt: BRIGHT! No idea why I didn’t expect this, since they are lights. But for some reason I expected to be blacked out from the world, and instead, it felt like I was laying out at the beach! Warm and energizing.

Verdict?? If nothing else, the lights were the ultimate form of self care. Spending an hour a day just zoning out was pretty incredible. I kind of loved that my eyes were covered, since that meant no computer or phone screens for a solid chunk of time. I’m not the best with silence, so I typically listened to podcasts while I relaxed into the lights.

End result? I felt rejuvenated, like I had more energy, and like my muscles and joints were a little looser. My hips, especially, felt great in my yoga classes. I fell asleep faster after I used them, and woke up a little easier. It was almost like my body was more excited to be awake!

The process I used the most was probably anti aging, and my skin definitely looked more radiant when I took the lights off. I 100% hope to use these lights again and would recommend them to anyone!