GOOD Spotlight: Katie Dalebout

Meet Katie - a woman on a mission to bring the healing power of journaling to the masses. Katie's journey toward wellness began early. As a young adult who struggled with the thin line between health and obsession, Katie drew herself out of an unhealthy path with yoga, journaling, podcasting. Now, Katie helps people all over the world to separate their body image from their physicality. Through her yoga teaching, podcast hosting, mentoring, and book writing, Katie helps others spark creativity and embrace their true self. We couldn't be more excited to have this unbelievable woman as part of the inaugural GOOD lineup. Read on to learn a little more about Katie!

Name: Katie Dalebout

Current City: Detroit

Favorite way to express your creativity?: Podcasting / Writing / Social Media / making Collages

Thing you love most about working in wellness: Meeting people who are into the similar things as I am and being able to geek out about them and connect immediately. In other words, making friends.


What you ate for breakfast this morning: A green apple cut up like I was a child with cinnamon and sea salt with peanut butter. And a super strong Yebe Mate tea. 

Wellness trend you can't stand: Cleansing without food for long periods of time, telling anyone what they should or shouldn't do or eat, shaming anyone for not being into wellness.

Go-to item in your closet: Cozy half-zip sweatshirt that was my mom's from the 70s.

"Cheat" Food you'd never give up: None, I don't believe in "cheat" foods... but my favorite foods are tortilla chips with guac and hot chocolate and pancakes. I also tend to have a cranberry Kombucha everyday, sometimes two.

What inspired you start the Let it Out podcast: I was spending a lot of time alone so I started listening to a lot of podcasts and they became my friends. Listening to other people's conversations made me feel less alone and eventually I thought, 'hey I could do that' so I started asking people to talk to me over the internet and recording it. That was early 2013 and I haven't stopped recording my conversations with people ever since.

Advice you'd love to give your younger self: Be more confident being your self, you look fine, write more, watch more movies, try mediating it would be good for you, drink more water, and be patient life gets better as you get older. 

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