GOOD Spotlight: Meet Jordan

Jordan Younger is the blogger behind the #realness-based wellness and lifestyle blog, The Balanced Blonde. She is also the creator of health-inspired conscious clothing line TBB Apparel, and author of the finding-balance memoir Breaking Vegan. Jordan has emerged as a leading voice in the wellness space due to her authenticity, unique voice, passion for all things wellness, and her relatability. When she isn’t caught up in writer-blogger-land, you can find Jordan on the yoga mat, snuggling with her kitten, sipping on green smoothies in Brentwood, laughing way too hard at her own jokes, and training for marathons because she’s crazy.

Name (or funny nickname): Jordan, Jojo, Jordie, Jo, Jody Ann (my mom + family), Bitchy Ann (also my mom... yes, we are weird), and of course... TBB!

Current City: Los Angeles, Ca!

Favorite yoga pose: Saddle Pose! Also Triangle and also Half Pigeon... all 3 in a row is my ultimate fave.

Thing you love most about working in wellness: Learning about all of the new & exciting wellness hacks, getting to try them out and write about them for a living (still can't believe this is my life... my own #dreams!), and of course connecting with likeminded humans who are as huge of wellness geeks as I am.

What you ate for breakfast this morning: Bulletproof coffee with Keto OS, and a chocolate protein smoothie with kale, plant-based protein, espresso almond butter (#yep), pea protein milk, and tons of superfoods and medicinal mushrooms. Told you I was a wellness geek.

Wellness trend you can't stand: ALL OF THE FRUIT SUGAR. I blow up like a balloon if I even have one banana, so when I see people loading up their smoothies with bananas, mango, strawberries, pineapple, and crumbling Perfect Bars on top, I'm like... girl no. Too much. Blood sugar instability. Hormones! AHHH. So that, and also any time anyone believes that their diet is the end all be all. We are all different, so there IS no end all be all!

Go-to item in your closet: Activewear all day every day. I am currently on an Alo Yoga kick. Their Moto legging is something I wear to yoga AND out on the town with heels... versatility, baby.

"Cheat" Food you'd never give up: Dark chocolate smothered in almond butter, cashew butter, any type of nut butter. Pressed Freeze with all the toppings is my other go-to right now.

What inspired you to write your book: I wanted to share my orthorexia recovery story in a way that didn't have the ever-changing quality that a blog has. I wanted it to be written "in stone" so that that moment of time (about 2.5 years of my life) was captured for people who really, truly needed to hear it in order to find recovery within themselves. It was a rough, painful, and challenging time to channel and write about, but I knew I needed to do it. I'm glad I did. That being said, I am so thrilled to be working on my second book that is about a much more light-hearted (in many ways) subject... YOGA!

Advice you'd love to give your younger self (or other aspiring bloggers!): KEEP DOING YOU. Don't ever feel like you need to be like someone else just because they are successful or doing well or radiating amazingness... you can still do YOU and also be all of those things. Ultimate success comes from inner happiness and self care. The rest is built on top of those two things! And LOVE HARD. :)

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