GOOD Travel: Our Tips for a Healthy Flight

Travel and adventure are part of a GOOD life. We truly believe that trips to new places - even day trips! - allow you to step away from the routine and experience new people, new foods, new cultures and new vibes. 

The GOOD team is en route to LA (like literally, on the plane) heading to The Natural Products EXPO to check out the latest products, brands, trends, and hang out with fellow bloggers and wellness-lovers.

We're also going to be hanging with one of our festival sponsors, Made in Nature, who has some sick plans for us and others in the industry. Be sure to follow along on social and also get a sneak peak of a few products they are about to debut! 

As fun as it is travel, it can take a toll on the body and throw routines out of whack. Long flights are draining physically (hello, compromised immune system) and mentally - so anything we can do to lessen the burden on our body is a good thing. 

So, we're sharing our favorite healthy travel hacks so you can try them the next time you're traveling! 


We can't stress this one enough. Drink TONS of water and also quench your skins' thirst through  moisturizing before and after because stagnant plane air sucks. We love using SW Basics cream as an all-purpose salve. It works as a lip balm, hand cream, literally everything. Speaking of skin, be sure to take your make up off or go bare-faced to the airport because the air quality is so poor, you will want to let your skin breathe. 


Yes, you can bring food through security! So don't feel limited by the airport food (usually not the best). Take ten minutes the night before and pack up leftovers, make a quick veggie wrap, or a simple salad with lentils or grilled chicken for protein to keep you fueled. The sandwiches and snacks available on the plane are full or sodium. To beat bloating, bring plant-based protein powders to add to water if you're super hungry on a longer flight. 


 OK, we're guilty of working thisssss flight - but sometimes we think stashing the laptop in the overhead compartment is best. Those few hours of solitude without cell phone service should be savored. So read your favorite magazine, listen to podcasts, or chat with a passenger next to you if they're friendly (and awake). 


 We like to pack a Stasher bag with a few tea bags (usually caffeine free herbal teas like dandelion for some extra liver support - just ask for hot water on the plane), oil of oregano, lavender essential oil (for the nervous fliers) the moisturizer we just told you about above. Snacks (like our favorites from Made in Nature, count as a survival item.


 One for beauty essentials, one for snacks, one for all your chargers and headphones. No more rifling around searching desperately for the granola bar that's made its way to the deep dark crevices of your carry on - it's all organized and right there. Ah. Stress free. 


You don't have to be lunging down the aisles (actually, PLEASE don't be that person), but don't stay glued to your seat either. Get your butt up and stretch whenever you can. 


How?? We suggest staying away from gluten, dairy, and any other inflammatory foods during travel. The digestive system is compromised when you fly because the air pressure constricts your digestive tract making it harder for it to do it's thang. Eating things that are hard for your body to digest on the ground become exponentially worse in the air. So just don't - trust us. 


 Listen, you're on vacation girl. Our favorite part of being in a new city includes new restaurants and maybe a glass of wine, or two, with great company. That's why we try to keep it healthy on the actual flight - we're packing our lunch to avoid eating M&Ms and the dry ass cheese sandwich they hand you on the plane - you're not missing out on anything good by planning ahead for travel. And when you reach your destination? Try your best to continue your healthy lifestyle while traveling but DON'T obsess - you're not going to undo a healthy lifestyle with a couple of indulgent days. Soak up the sun, breathe in some fresh air, and just BE. Your body, and mind, will thank you. 

The GOOD Festival LLC