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When we decide to love by the moon – to make plans for transformation through channeling her energy – we aren’t just setting an intention to sit on for the next four weeks. We are mapping a plan for growth that flows with each cycle.

Just as the moon waxes and wanes, so should we.

This cycle, as you set your intention for the Leo moon, prepare to see that goal build and build. Realize you should be reaching a pinnacle around the full moon, on August 6. Plan for the momentum in the waxing moon; celebrate the center of the cycle when your goal and the moon reach their fullest and most robust state; and prepare for the decline in energy after the moon.

Here is my guide for reflection and intention for the new moon, in which I answer my journal prompts. I’d love for you to follow along too, so you can ride the cycle of Leo with the strongest purpose.


Cancer is characterized as a very domestic moon. The need to be a homebody should appear, or a longing for a childhood home. Cancer is a sentimental time and where you will want to spend time with family and close friends. Similarly, this moon’s energy can bring also on feelings of vulnerability or tenderness, and the need to nurture others.

What happened for me in the last moon?
I felt anything but a home base during Cancer. I was pulled in so many different directions that staying conscious of my decisions was a challenge. I actually spent very little time at home, often preoccupied with social outings, beach trips, and work.

How did my intention come to life?
“Wherever I go, I am home” made me realize my need for grounding, for a practice that made me feel safe and comfortable no matter where I may be physically.
Considering all that has been on my plate, I learned how to establish a morning routine; realizing that if I woke early, I could gain control over one tiny part of my day, and bring some peace. I started waking up a couple hours before I need to leave the house to drink ACV, meditate with the Headspace app, and get in a decent run on the treadmill before getting ready for my commute.
This morning routine has grounded me. Even when I am not able to do the whole spiel, parts of it give me the sensation that I have done something for myself, before the rest of the world gets ahold of me.

What emotions were brought to the surface?
Not a very extroverted person, all this activity has made me a little rattled. I want more time to myself and for myself – my own projects and quiet time in general. So, much like I like to do in my home, I really felt the desire to clean up my schedule and simplify. KonMari my date book, if you will, so there is more time for me.

I also started to learn how to forgive myself more easily. Perhaps that’s the nurturing coming out. I can’t hold myself to the morning routine every single day, and some days I don’t perform as well at the gym. Being kinder to myself is something I have tried for years, at the request of friends, family, and therapists. My natural inclination is to push to the limit and punish myself when I don’t reach my own expectations, but I can’t always assume that kindness and comfort will come from someone else. It should be coming from me first.

Did I experience any physical changes?

Yes, and it’s something that’s really hard to talk about, but I feel safe sharing it here. I put on a couple pounds, and it doesn’t feel great. Full disclosure, but I am an emotional eater. I turn to food for comfort, and I it must have been the vulnerability and need for nurturing that was so strong in Cancer.


When I set out to learn about what Leo would bring, I loved everything I was reading. This is going to be a moon with very strong energy, feeding emotions and ego. Some of the words that kept popping up – SHINE, IGNITE, ASSERT – indicate the power and action that Leo brings. We’re going to feel some fiery passion in the coming weeks, whether it is romance, frustration, or drama. We should let them all fly.

We may also feel some restlessness and the desire to create. Again, we should let it fly. All advice leads us to asset ourselves in the direction the energy of Leo may make us want to go.

If you want to dig deeper into what this Leo is bringing, check out my favorite blogs, MysticMama and The Hood Witch

How do I expect this energy to manifest in me?
I am ready to start making moves. It’s no coincidence I’m up for a performance review at work -- I’m hungry for progress. I have been thinking a lot about my future and how to position myself for success and I’m ready to pounce.

What should I look out for?
Those pesky emotions. I shouldn’t just let them fly. I’ve been getting better at asserting and standing up for myself, but I can see Leo being the time in which this freedom comes back to bite me in the tail. I can already see myself getting territorial over my time and energy and I can’t let that offend those closest to me.

What can I do to make the most of Leo’s energy?
I really feel this is my time. I find that I thrive during these fire moons. They always appear at the most opportune times, when I need them most. I’m ready. Bring it on, Leo.


This is my intention. Yours can be anything that will bring you peace and balance, or you can use mine!

“Don’t rain on my parade. “

Yes, this is also a song. My power song, in fact. I get through very little without encouragement, inspiration, or comfort from a showtune and this one has been my go-to since I was really little – like too little to be so into Barbra Streisand.

This intention and mantra will pump me up but it will also bring me peace. It will be my reminder that I can’t get distracted by outside forces and let someone else get inside my head. This is my parade, and there’s a big, big finish.

While I never shy from trying to convert the world into Barbra fans, I know she is not for everyone. Do yourself a favor, and give the song a try. It might not become your moon intention, it’s more likely not going to become your personal theme song, but it’s going to really set the tone for Leo.

If you decide keep a new moon journal based on my exercise, please keep in touch with #newagemoon on Instagram. I’d love to see what you come up with and share my moon rituals with you.

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