May CMPNY Wellness Box Breakdown

We’re always on the lookout for amazing, natural products to share with you all. We search, taste, sample, and test tons of products to find the best ones - so YOU don’t have to! 

Each month, members of our CMPNY get a selection of our favs, delivered right to their door. (Want in? Sign up <<HERE>>.) May’s theme - GOOD mornings. So, whether you are opening a box this week, or just want to read up on some of our new favs - here’s the breakdown on the awesome things we sent this month!


We’re sure you don’t need another person to tell you it’s time to make the switch to natural deodorant. But we’ve tried so many out there that leave you smelling, um, a little TOO natural? Enter Piperwai. This little jar is a mix of activated charcoal, essential oils, and natural moisturizers that smells AMAZING - and keeps you smelling amazing too, even in the hottest/most stressful situations. Plus, Piperwai is female founded and Philly based. Represent. 

Learn more about Piperwai (or order one for yourself!) <<HERE>>.


When we started making the transition to all natural home/skincare products, toothpaste was one of the first to go. Maybe cause we realized that we are putting it in our bodies at least twice a day, the list of chemicals in our regular toothpaste freaked us out real quick. Oral Essentials is an amazing alternative. It’s dentist formulated and only uses REAL ingredients (their tagline is “none of the junk - just the essentials” - LOVE IT.) We feel like we are starting our day on the right foot when we start with Oral Essentials. Learn more about their line <<HERE>>.


Our morning smoothies have 3 main requirements - quick, delicious, and nutrient packed. We love adding supplements to our smoothies, but A) it can get hella expensive to buy large packets of multiple supplements, and B) who has time to measure and scoop more than one or two varieties and C) we know all too well what its like to ruin a good smoothie with nasty supplement combinations. AukaLife solves ALL of these problems. Their blends have an amazing mix of all natural superfoods (and no iffy fillers or chemicals) that taste fantastic and save you the time & investment of mixing lots of different superfoods yourself. We’re extra proud to support this start up (which also is female founded!) as they scale up their small business. 

Want to score some packets, while also helping them get their business booming? Check our their Indegogo campaign <<HERE>>


If you follow us at all, you know our deep love for Frank&Whit products. No B.S. ingredients, Philly based, and a portion of each sale goes back to animal rescue organizations. Swoon. 

We were psyched to include F&W’s newest product, the Midtown Village Coffee Mask, which uses ground fair trade coffee beans to tighten, tone, and brighten dull skin. The mask also helps prevent skin damage, and slows down signs of again like fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Plus, the amazing smell of this mask was reason alone to include it in this month’s lineup. We think a cup of tea and a Midtown Village mask session is going to be our new sunday morning ritual.

Want to get your hands on one? Check out Frank & Whit’s full lineup of products <<HERE>>.

Can't wait for our crew to get their boxes this month - our mornings are looking a little brighter already.


Jen, Jess & Kate

The GOOD Festival LLC