Supporting Your Emotions with Essential Oils

Stephanie Kirylych is a holistic health coach and essential oils wellness advocate at Spirited Well-being. She merges spiritual principles with practical wellness strategies to help women lose emotional weight and gain healthy habits. Stephanie's mission is to help you realize that you are enough. You are gorgeous and perfectly imperfect just as you are. And true health and happiness ARE within your reach.

Close your eyes and imagine the smell of the most delicious chocolate chip cookies baking. How does it make you feel? Relaxed? Reminiscent? Hungry?

Aromas can impact our emotions in a major way - and its super easy to use this to our personal advantage by harnessing the power of essential oils. What really ARE essential oils? Essential oils are are natural, highly concentrated compounds found in the roots, bark, seeds, flowers, or other areas of a plant - and they can support our emotional health and healing through both aromatherapy and topical application. 

Want to give it a shot? Below are five ways to support your emotions with essential oils.

Love yourself more deeply
Give yourself a foot massage with coconut oil, bergamot and grapefruit. Bergamot is the oil of self-acceptance and supports feeling good enough and confident. Grapefruit supports a healthy relationship with your body and with food.

Bring the sexy back
Could your sexy drive use a little boost? Try diffusing cinnamon, ylang ylang and patchouli in the bedroom. The warm, sweet, grounding scent of these oils will support feelings of intimacy, sexual energy, joy, and embodiment.

Caffeine-free energy boost
Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, reach for oils. Put 1-2 drops of lemon and peppermint oils in your hands, rub them together and take a few deep breaths. Lemon boosts energy and focus and peppermint is cooling and supports clarity.

Got PMS? I’ve got you.
When I got off birth control I experienced the most intense cramps and mood swings. Now I use a blend of oils including clary sage and lavender to stabilize my emotions and reduce cramps. Give yourself an abdominal massage with clary sage, lavender and coconut oil during your menstrual cycle to balance and relax your body and mind.

Mend a broken heart
Frankincense and geranium support letting go of feelings of abandonment, loss, grief, and deception. Apply a blend are over your heart, on your third eye (the point between your eyes) and your wrists.

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