The New Moon: Gemini

Gab Dolceamore is an anal-retentive Bohemian finding peace through a balanced lifestyle that is eco and health conscious. When she is not working in advertising, creating macrame masterpieces, practicing yoga, or cheering on her Vitamix, she can be found blogging about her minimalist millennial lifestyle on New Age Nesting. 

We are told to live by the Sun, and love by the Moon.

We live off of plants and animals that get their energy from the Sun. We mark our days by the passage of the Sun through our sky. However, loving by the Moon requires a deeper level of consciousness. Her changing phases aren’t always so obvious as she moves less predictably through our sky and we are asleep when she is hanging out; but her energy is much deeper than what we receive from the Sun.

Recently I have made a habit of being more aware of the Moon and her cycles as a way to channel her energy and get the most of what is being offered. This processed has unlocked balance in my life, affecting how I love, create, and feel. I developed a journaling exercise to get me ready for each new moon so I can make the most of it’s unique energy and live moon to moon.

My ritual includes reflecting on the previous moon, learning about what the new moon will bring, and setting an intention that I can refer to every morning and in moments of trial. You can follow along with my new moon exercise as a way to get you ready for Gemini, which begins this Thursday May 25.


Step 1: Reflect on the closing cycle, Taurus

 Taurus is the slowest moving of all the moon cycles. Hanging low and close to the Earth, it is a time for grounding and tranquility. It is a time to enjoy the things you love, experience pleasure of all the senses, and for getting into a creative or professional zone.

·      What happened for me in the last moon? 
Previous to Taurus, the action of Aries brought me to many realizations about my blog, macramé, fitness, and my day job, so Taurus was a time to get in the zone and bring these ideas to life. Sounds overwhelming, but my intention for this moon “Focus on what I can change today” helped me take it easy, day by day.

·      What new ideas did I realize? 
I realized how much I was capable of in a single day. Between waking early to train for a 5K, writing blog posts on the train, staying super-focused at the office, and spending my evenings playing the role of wife and macramé artist, I realized have more bandwidth than I give myself credit for.

·      What emotions were brought to the surface? 
For the first time in a long time, I felt some clarity. Maybe it was the running, but finally all the ideas trapped in my head were making it out into the world, and I was actually able to enjoy downtime -- I took some epic naps.

·      Did I experience any physical changes? 
I was put on a new probiotic to clear up some gut issues, and I felt its affects in Taurus -- my skin cleared and literally calmed after months of breakouts.


Step 2: Learn about the new moon, Gemini

 An easy transition from Taurus, Gemini is a playful moon. The twins bring a light and airy mood and we are encouraged to try new things -- dance with possibilities. Gemini also comes with a warning to watch out for nerves as it can be an anxiety-inducing moon (thanks, I need all the warning I can get.)

·      How can I take advantage of the playful nature of Gemini? 
Summer is coming which means half-day Fridays that I can spend exploring new museum exhibits and making plans with friends. I also have some trips and house guests planned this month which will give me time to unwind and reconnect.

·      What are some new things I can explore and learn? 
Naturally curious, this is a question I am always asking myself, but I have am taking an online course that I can focus on in a more dedicated way in Gemini.

·      How can I curb my anxiety? 
I can carry around a hematite stone and some lavender oil, but I also want to set an intention that will remind me to let in joy and keep out the panic.


Step 3: Set an intention

The last and most important step in living by the Moon is taking what you experienced in the last moon and what you know about the next to come up with an intention to guide you through the next 28 days. All you need is one word or a short phrase to guide you through Gemini to make the most of its energy.

Ask yourself one important question:

·      How can I make the most of the new moon? 
Live in fun, not fear.
This moon, I should take a step away from my phone and the terrifying 24-hour news cycle to let my mind relax. Find new ways to have fun – pick up a new comedy podcast for early morning runs, gamefy my fitness and education goals, and plan weekends with my loved ones that bring out the best in our relationships.

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