Toxins in your sheets? That would keep anyone up at night...

We care so much about what we put IN our body, and recently what we’ve been putting ON our body is getting more and more attention. But what about what we sleep on? On average, we spend ⅓ of our lives in bed - what we cuddle up in at night has more to do with our health than you might think.

Conventionally produced bedding is often produced with materials containing chemicals and pesticides that are known skin irritants, carcinogens, and endocrine disruptors. Cotton, in particular, is one of the dirtiest crops, sprayed with large amounts of pesticides and herbicides during its cultivation, which remain in the cotton when its converted to its finished product. The possible consequences of prolonged exposure to these chemicals ranges from infertility to certain cancers. Um, all from what were sleeping on? That’s terrifying.

By choosing bedding made out of organic cotton, you eliminate a huge source of toxic chemicals in your home. If that alone doesn’t help you sleep better, the comfort and softness of your organic cotton sheets will DEFINITELY make you want to prioritize a good night of sleep - every night!

So - lets be honest. It’s time for a sheet upgrade. And we can think of no better brand than Alterra Pure - a new company that’s not only making beautiful, verified organic & non-gmo bedding, but is revolutionizing transparency in bedding manufacturing.

From the first stage of Alterra Pure’s production to the last, the company is committed to fair trade and sustainable practices, both environmentally and socially. Alterra Pure is committed to helping improve the lives of the people who help create the product, and will use funding from production to further social initiatives in the communities they produce in. They also produce their sheets with zero water discharge and only package in upcycled materials. Their transparency pays off - you, the consumer, will get to see every single production detail and ingredient that goes into the sheets you sleep on.

Alterra Pure completed their crowd funding goal (how amazing!) but we can still support as they bring their sheets to market. Join the Alterra Pure movement by following the brand's journey to social sustainability through its Indiegogo campaign - and get your hands on organic sheets that you will feel AMAZING about bringing into your home. Bonus - you receive an exclusive discount on their gorgeous product when you support the campaign!


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