A Wellness-Lover's Disneyland - EXPO West!

WHOA. Whirlwind weekend. In typical GOOD team fashion, when we head to the west coast, we do it quick. Why? Honestly - NO IDEA, especially since LA is pretty much a mecca for the wellness junkie. But this is the second time we’ve managed to make a cross country flight and stay in our destination for about 72 hours. We thrive on the adventure, I guess!

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This trip’s trek was for a purpose - heading to Expo West. Expo West is a huge trade show for every natural product you could possibly imagine - from food, to natural beauty, to acupressure products. Fittingly located right next to Disneyland Anaheim, this convention is basically Disneyland for wellness addicts. We sipped, nibbled, chatted, and sampled our way through over 3000 booths, getting to meet in person some of the amazing people behind the brands we’ve been working with (Hi REBBL and Vital Proteins!). Most importantly, we were on a mission to find the best new products and brands to work with and bring to YOU for our festivals and beyond. We couldn’t get enough.

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Except that’s kinda untrue because about 7 hours in, we were WIPED out. Like - desperately trying to find an uninhabited corner for a nap kind of wiped. But tired wasn’t an option, as we had a whole evening planned with our amazing hosts and one of our inaugural festival sponsors, Made in Nature

These guys are seriously awesome. From the sick interactive vending machine at their booth (if you picked a treat with a sticker on the back - you won a prize! How cool!) to the amazing snacks we couldn’t get enough of (we’re looking at you, kale chips and onion rings) - hanging with the Made in Nature crew made us forget about our aching feet and snap right back into action.

After getting our fill of their new nut butter filled Figgy Pops (now they are available in single serve packs, which I immediately filled my backpack with to snack on during our plane ride home) - the MIN team whisked us away to The Barre Method with a group of fantastic women who also work or blog for the wellness world. Decked out in Made in Nature gear, the 10 of us shook our way through our barre class, working up just enough appetite to be hungry again for a team dinner.

We capped off our day with a gorgeous dinner and gin cocktails made with Telula’s green juice (YUM). Followed by multiple courses of delicious dishes, and an insane dessert - tropical panna cotta, YUM. 

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Exhausted, we made our way back to our little apartment full, happy, and buzzing with excitement over the fantastic people we met and the inspiring connections we made throughout the day.

If you’re coming to the GOOD fest - you’ll get to try Made in Nature’s amazing lineup of snacks and juices - but in the meantime, you can stock up on their treats at Whole Foods, or on their website, madeinnature.com ** Be sure to use the code GOOD for $10.00 off any order of superfood snacks over $50.00 **

Be sure to try our favorites - Dried Mango Strips, Tart Cherries, Nut Butter Filled Figgy Pops, Masala Chai Coconut Chips, and of course, the dehydrated onion rings that are so good you’ll want to crush them up and sprinkle them on everything. And if you’re packing lunch for your kid or yourself, the single serve packs are snacks that you can feel good about feeding to your loved ones.

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If you ever have the chance to get to EXPO  - jump on it. You’ll love it. And if you happen to be at the next one on the East Coast - send us a message. We’d love to meet you! Now, back to reality and the grind of having our very FIRST festival just a month away.

To all the GOOD things,

Jen, Jess & Kate


The GOOD Festival LLC