How to treat allergies, naturally.

My aversion to all things big pharma started before I even knew what “big pharma” was.

I have nearly everything a survival kit would need in my purse at all times - but Tylenol? No way. I stopped taking hormonal birth control at 22 because I just didn’t want it. Hell - I’ve even had major surgeries and skipped the pain pills because I swear they make me feel worse. 

None of this was to make a statement, or because I’m holier than thou. It was some weird subconscious decision that my body would rather drink an herbal tea than take a pill.

BUT then - 4 years ago, I started getting seasonal allergies HARD. We’re talking itchy dry eyes, constant sneezing, and feeling like I was in an overall fog. When my dreariness would get overly annoying - my now husband passed the Flonase. “You need to take this every day. Before it gets this bad.” Nooooooo. 

Interestingly, he’s not a big pharma guy either. Our cabinets are stocked with every herb and supplement you can imagine, and close to zero real meds - except the Flonase. Why? According to him - “I’m not f*ing with allergies - they suck and nothing else works.”

So, I went on a hunt. At first I was trying to cure myself with herbal teas (obviously - my go to) but it wasn’t super convenient, and I would miss doses. Then - in such GOOD fashion - we got an email from a company called Airloom.

This job is sick in many ways (namely getting to hang out with all of you a few times a year) but the most unexpected perk is learning about new brands who are doing big things. Airloom is an all natural, vegan, gluten free capsule meant to encourage a healthy histamine response and boost your immune system. It was created by a doctor who desperately wanted to help his suffering wife without a bunch of toxic chemicals. (Josh - you couldn’t do this for me???) 


The all nautral ingredients are: 

  • Organic Turmeric

  • Organic Bromelain

  • Organic Quercetin

  • Organic Grape Seed Extract

  • Butterbur root extract (PA-free)

  • Other ingredients: Organic rice flour and hypromellose (vegetable capsule shell)

Spring is my worst allergy season - so we’re putting Airloom to the test. But the reviews from others are GLOWING - not only do people report lessened allergy symptoms, but overall brightness, clarity, and less mental fog. I just know Airloom will be a staple in my “medicine” cabinet. 


Have any of you tried Airloom? Or have tips for natural ways to relive allergy symptoms? We want to hear them! And if you ever run into me in the future, I promise I’ll have an Airloom in my emergency purse to share with you :) Want your own bottle? Use the code: thegoodfest for $5 off your next purchase.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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