the good escape

We couldn’t find a wellness retreat that had all of the things we want. Waking up to amazing meals, yoga, personal growth & self-reflection is the norm... but we want more. We want some wine with our greens, girl talk, and sunset bonfires. It is vacation, after all.

Our retreats focus on creating memories - the adventurous, fun memories you’d expect from vacation, but also memories & attainable skills that you can bring home to your personal wellness journey or career. You’ll leave with knowledge and tools that you can incorporate into your everyday life. Specifically on this retreat, we will be digging deep into finding your purpose. What lights you up? What are you inspired to create? How do you make it happen? This work will be especially amazing if you are at a career crossroads, building a new business, or just hoping to bring more joy into your life.

We believe in community, and we know how hard it can be to make meaningful connections as an adult. We work hard to foster a sense of unity throughout our time together, so that the bonds you form during your retreat can continue at home.


Karli's Experience

This was the first retreat I had been on and I can’t express how thankful I am for this experience! It was the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional reset I needed. I left feeling nourished in more ways than just my belly; I was rested, more connected to myself and so happy to have met and connected with other badass babes. Treat yourself! You deserve it. 

- Karli Bainbridge



currently planning what’s next

the details

  • Yoga and movement daily

  • Morning & evening meditation

  • Group Tarot Readings & Rituals

  • New Moon Circle 

  • Stocked Kitchen: Coffee, tea, fresh fruit & healthy snacks - all weekend long.

  • Daily nourishing & mindful plant based breakfast, lunch and dinner 

  • Daily workshops 

  • 1-on-1 manifestation sessions with Jess, Jen and Kate

  • Support, conversations and connections

  • A beautiful house to call home base - spend all your time here or feel free to roam and explore nearby cities and towns

to be contacted when we announce our next location - email us at HELLO@THEGOODFEST.COM


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