pop-ups & workshops

Our workshops and festival pop-ups aim to bring the IRL wellness experience to you throughout the year, outside of our major festivals. See below for what's upcoming!


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New York CITY - January 23, 2019

Join us for a Sober Curious Experience with keynote speaker, Ruby Warrington. Alcohol is intrinsic to American culture, from kegs at college parties and cocktails after work to wine at book club. Are our drinking habits contradictory to the other healthful behaviors we cultivate? Ruby will guide the group through finding your own path to a healthier relationship with alcohol, yourself, and the world around you—and radically transforming every area of your life. The Sober Curious Experience includes our keynote address, a curated marketplace, swag bag, tarot readings, crystal/chakra readings, networking, and dinner.


Themed Self-Care Saturday, and designed to leave you feeling refreshed in all areas of your life. Join us for keynote speaker, Alexandra Roxo, as she guides us through a workshop to be your most empowered self. Charleston local, Elli Richter will greet our day with a meditation and sound bath. Jessica Murnane, Sarah Frick and Dr. Carrie khoLi will lead a panel on how to approach self-care from different angles such as food, movement, and the community you build around you. The experience will also include networking, swag bag, a curated marketplace, and concept lunch by Cannon Green.